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Hello   مرحبا

About Us

The B.A Architecture(Hons.) programme at the Heriot-Watt University Dubai Campus was launched in 2015. Since then, the programme has rapidly grown to a community of more than 100 students, creating a unique niche within the vibrant design community of Dubai and the UAE. Strategically placed within the School of Energy, Geoscience, Infrastructure and Society (EGIS), the programme draws expertise from multiple disciplines associated with the built environment.  The programme aspires to create architectural professionals who are creative thinkers, contextually driven, technologically current and industry linked. We welcome you to be part of our celebration and milestones captured through this website.

Dubai – Our Playfield

The D6 Architecture programme takes complete advantage of being based within Dubai’s ever-evolving and vibrant architectural landscape. Rooted in the cultural past, backed up by the diverse current, the programme’s vision is to be a testbed for the architecture of tomorrow. While we look to the future, we are interested in the possibilities, opportunities and inspiration that we as a D6 architecture community can offer to the community of Dubai. The programme actively engages with the community through workshops and  public events including Dubai Design,  D3 Architectural Festival.  We advocate a sustainable future and aligns with UN Sustainable Goals, Dubai 2040 Urban Master Plan and RIBA Sustainable Outcome 2019.

D6 Community

The D6 Architecture community is a vibrant group of over 100+ aspiring students supported by an experienced team. We grow and celebrate our successes together. We rely on conversations, discussions, and debates as active incubators for inspiring ideas in education. The D6 community is active on Instagram, Yammer and now this website. We are industry linked. Our Open Series hosts a series of events throughout the year with which the D6 Architecture community connects with prominent regional and international architects, designers and academicians.

Every year the D6 Architecture programme showcases and celebrates student works and programme achievement during the academic year. CMYK – the toners of the print media, represents the progressive design studios leading to a comprehensive design project in the final year. CMYK is a culmination of rigorous iterations, explorations, errors and successes of the design studio.  The ‘K’ represents the graduating black gown, celebrating our students stepping into the exciting journey into the professional world and beyond. CMYK is a platform where we tell the world we are here to be heard, be discussed, be debated, inspire, and make a difference. Enter the world of possibilities, the current and the future.