Year 1 participates in International Design Competition – Huddle | September 2019

The huddle deisgn competition was part of Architectural Design Studio 1 (2019-2020). Students were given the brief of the competition as their studio brief. Competition in Germany to create elderly-friendly spaces. Loneliness and depression are general issuers, in the elderly generation group. It has become more difficult to engage with new people and form new people and form new relationships as one grows older. The design should suggest alternatives to the problem of loneliness in the elderly. Besides, have a more welcoming and open space for people over the age of 60.

People Choice Award

Tranquil by Rafia

Institutional Award

Reach by Elisha

Shortlisted Entries

Kristall – Sveta

Experentia – Aryanam

Greenity – Akhil

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