Year 1 Field trip to Alserkal Galleries


Year 1 Field trip to Alserkal Galleries | September 2019

Students visited alserkal avenue in their first year, which is a dynamic and ever-changing showcase consisting of works of art, photography, cultural pieces, and everything in between. Home to a community of creative entrepreneurs with diverse backgrounds showcasing their perspectives and their stories through various media. Alserkal avenue supersedes itself as a lively and inspiring outlet which hosts performances and events, this becomes the perfect example of a space becoming an experience. Students visited ‘Concrete’ where they experienced materiality and other architectural design strategies used collectively to create a multi-functional space designed by the OMA. The various galleries and exhibits showcased and highlighted classic and modern schools of design resonating with students and the course. Shahzad Hassan Ghazi, A Pakistani artist, presented his works and shared his views about the concepts that drive him, students learnt what it takes to express one’s views through an artistic medium and the conversation that followed, answered questions that students had.

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