Year 1 Site Visit to Dibba

Year 1 Site Visit to Dibba | January 2019

The site visit was held on 20th of February 2020. The journey to Dibba started from Heriot-Watt University Dubai with great excitement and enthusiasm. Dibba is a town situated in Fujairah,located on the East coast of the United Arab Emirates. In contrast to other places in U.A.E. , Dibba is not surrounded by deserts, but instead by mountains making it a green village with a lot of farming opportunities. The Road trip to the site was very picturesque. Students sited the Hajar mountain range and deep wadis (canyons) during the trip. Upon arrival students encountered an impeccable environment with crystal clear blue waters, teeming with marine flora and fauna together with the rough rocky terrain. The site served a spectacular view of the horizon with a backdrop of dramatic mountains. Students measured, investigated and recorded various nodes of the site and the intangible experiences through sketches and diagrams.

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