Year 1 visits Global Grad Show at Dubai Design District

Year 1 visits Global Grad Show at Dubai Design District | November 2019
In the first year of architecture students got a chance to visit the global grad show held the by Dubai design district during Dubai design week, it is a diverse gathering of innovators and creative talents from across the world. Our students are learning to shape the spaces around them, their interfaces, as well as the infrastructure, and this, was a very refreshing and inspiring trip to the students, exposing them to designers and their innovative solutions to various issues. Students got to experience dynamic and avante-garde concepts and models which are a testament to the synergy that can exist between Dubai and its youth. Exhibits ranging from architecture to medicine to fashion as well as future technologies were all covered and provided students with a fresh new perspective into the world of design. Prototyping, concept development, representation as well as execution of the project were well demonstrated with the vast array of innovative projects. Designers and presenters showcased their concepts and innovative ways and a common aspect shared by all was the passion to innovate and synergize.

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