Year 2 visits Wasit Wetland by X-Architects and Sharjah Art Foundation

January 2020

Students were taken to the Wasit Wet Reserve located in Sharjah as part of the studio course to enlighten them on the designing of Observatory tower which was the semesters project. The wet reserve is now home to 350 species of birds, a landing zone for 33,000 migrate birds, and a breathing lung to  Sharjah city. The architecture of the centre blends with its’ surroundings and uses the existing topography to minimize the visual impact on the natural scene. A lean pathway leads visitors underground into a Gallery. A fully transparent wall allows the visitors to experience the birds’ natural environment and become part of it. The trip allowed for the better understanding of an observatory space and how the building fits into its context. Students gained adequate insight on using the right materials to not scare away birds and animals. This trip was done prior to their visit to the site in Watba Wetland which is located in AbuDhabi. 

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